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I was asked if I was afraid of being let go from the show, and the tabloids took one sentence out of an hour-long podcast and ran it as a headline.Chelsea herself said she didn't even listen to the whole interview.Right now, she’s in the middle of a series of creative meetings. Even pay-cable talk shows, like John Oliver’s, on HBO, follow relatively traditional formats—a guy behind a desk—and exist within an old-fashioned corporate bureaucracy.“People come and pitch me ideas,” she says, gesturing vaguely toward where a lazy Susan–style stage she’s proposed might go (“There’ll be a section if I’m interviewing three or four people, the way Dick Cavett sometimes did, and another if I’m interviewing one of the show’s correspondents,” she explains). But a talk show that runs on a streaming service—especially one that prides itself on giving talent virtually unlimited creative freedom, that is intent on rewiring the viewing habits of the whole world, and that has a billion budget with which to do all of this—can be pretty much whatever its host wants it to be.But for now, on a warm February afternoon in Culver City, as Handler takes in the 16,000-square-foot space for the first time, all she has is her imagination.ti­tled “Too Hot to Handler,” she was asked out on a date by Scooter.But whether the bad blood is real or not, the fight sure is great publicity for Chelsea's upcoming Netflix show!

Under the pact, which I hear is worth million, Handler will continue as host and executive producer of her E! (The comedian’s previous contract covers her services on the show through 2012.) She will also develop and produce shows via her production company, Borderline Amazing Prods, which will have a first-look deal with E! Since July 2007 launch, it has grown into a formidable late-night talk show franchise, reigning as the highest-rated and most-watched late-night talker among women 18-34.Again, I have never betrayed Chelsea Handler." This actually sounds pretty reasonable to us since they always seemed the closest on the E! And who wouldn't be afraid of getting fired from such a big job??Now we're curious if Chelsea plans on apologizing for calling Heather a loser…It will feature taped field reports—mini versions of the four hour-plus documentaries that debuted on Netflix back in January. You’re not going to turn it on three nights a week and have an opening monologue, a guest, and a band.There will be a live audience and lots of wild-card elements; earlier in the day, Handler held auditions for a child correspondent (“I’m looking for a 10-year-old with attitude,” she says). It’ll be completely different.”In one respect, it already is: It’s on Netflix.

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